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Mr Lau ( or more affectionately known as Lauda by his students ) was not exceptionally bright as a student in his JC years. This allowed him to understand the struggles faced by many of his students in understanding the various abstract concepts in Chemistry. Through sheer hard work, he forged a new way of looking at these Chemistry concepts through a different perspective. He teaches his students this unique style of Chemistry and secret shortcuts, which allows them to easily understand the concepts, and gain a deeper appreciation for these fundamentals, which translates to better academic results. Read more

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'O' Level and 'A' Level Chemistry Specialist Singapore

Chemistry is often seen as a subject where teachers tell you to blindly memorise facts and equations. This is because the study of atoms and molecules; things which you cannot see and touch; are too abstract for many to convey these ideas effectively to the untrained student. Invariably, this kills the love for the subject for many students.

However this should not be the way to learn Chemistry. At MLC, we believe in equipping our students with sound Chemistry principles through clear concise teaching, so that they can understand why atoms behave the way they do. This enables our students to have a complete understanding of Chemistry reactions and learning becomes intuitive as they are able to “see” the links across the various topics. Our students are then able to approach the study of this subject in a very logical and systematic manner, giving them a crucial competitive edge over their peers.

This is the RIGHT place for you IF:

  • you are sick of having to go through a carousel of untrained teachers in random tuition centers
  • you are looking for a Chemistry Tuition where the Principal Tutor is fully involved in teaching the students to ensure QUALITY TEACHING
  • you want your child to finally start making sense of Chemistry concepts and score QUALITY GRADES

But don’t just listen to me; hear from our past students who have gone through and benefited immensely from our comprehensive curriculum before making your decision to join us! We have helped a range of students from various schools across Singapore.

With MLC, scoring quality grades in Chemistry is no longer a matter of “How” but “When”!

MLC Methodology

Efficacy Systems through Networked Learning

Visible Thinking Routines with Foundational Support (VTR-FS)

‘Targeted Efficacy Approach’ (TEA)

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Why Us?

12+ Years Experience

Knowing the subject well doesn’t make one a good teacher. I’ve seen many teachers struggle to explain crucial concepts to their students.

The problem is they can’t understand why things that appear simple to them, can be difficult for others. A good teacher knows that every student is unique and different, and adjust their teaching accordingly. 

Okay I’m interested! How do I sign up?

Just complete the form below with your details, and we will get in touch as soon as possible. Our FREE diagnostic consultation will help you uncover your key weaknesses in Chemistry.

What are your fees?

Our fees are very affordable at just $400 a month. This is even cheaper than other specialised tuition centers with less qualified teachers.

For financially needy students, we also have FAS schemes available to help. We do not turn away any student who wishes to learn!

Where are you located?

Due to high demand, we have consolidated our venues to one central location at Guthrie House, 1 Fifth Ave, #02-03, S268802. This central location allows our students from all parts of Singapore to reach us easily! Many students who live in more isolated areas also choose to attend our zoom classes instead!

What do you teach?

We specialise in both O and A Levels Chemistry.

Can you tell me more about your credentials and experience?

Our Principal Tutor was a former Head of Chemistry in a JC and have been tutoring for the past 12+ years.

He was also the Head of Chemistry / Principal tutor for 2 large Tuition Centers and created the JC curriculum for them.

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Find out how hundreds of students have benefited from our lessons every year!

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