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How to start JC life on the right foot?

Posted by admin on  January 25, 2021

Managing stress It is not foreign to anyone that JC life is tough. Not only do you have to juggle your academics, you have to balance your CCA along with your social life as well as personal life. Therefore, there is no doubt that you will feel stressed at one point of your JC life, especially with the large amount of things to prepare for A Levels in th short amount of time. Hence, it

Difference between H1 and H2 Chemistry

Posted by admin on  January 14, 2021

For students considering taking Chemistry in JC, a common question asked would be, should I take H1 Chemistry or H2 Chemistry, and what’s the difference? Workload Requirements Very generally speaking, a H1 subject is half the workload of a H2 subject and gives half the rank points as well (10 RP vs 20 RP). One of the major differences between H1 and H2 Chemistry is the assessment format. Paper H1 H2 1 30 MCQ (33%)