Get Answers to Your Questions

How are lessons conducted?

We are redefining how Chemistry tuition lessons should be taught. Instead of simply seeing your child once a week for 2 hours, we endeavor to provide greater support for your child’s learning through closer guidance multiple times a week at no additional charge!

Adaptation and flexibility is the essence as we navigate through this new era of learning. In order to help your child more effectively, we are employing a 3-pronged approach:
1) Online content lessons (these are recorded as well to allow students to watch at this own time and pace)
2) Online consults
3) Physical consults

For students who prefer a more traditional approach, we have sessions with physical teaching as well.

We will always start a chapter with a lecture. Notes will be handed out to students. Our notes are known to be top-notch – comprehensive, clear, concise and well structured. During the lecture, the emphasis is on content training and understanding of concepts.

Lessons are fun, engaging and inspiring. Misconceptions that have eluded you will be debunked; tips and tricks will be shared. Minimise your memory work, experience a quantum jump in your level of understanding, and most importantly, go home feeling satisfied and tons smarter. No one gets lost here.
We will follow up with a tutorial session to close the chapter. Tutorials are crucial in linking up theory and application. We will first look at worked examples to give you ideas on how to approach a question.

How often do you get stuck with questions, simply not knowing what to do or what the question is even asking? We aim to guide you step-by-step in your thinking process when faced with challenging questions. Questions have been carefully chosen to give you a variety of exposure. Learn how we apply concepts to higher-order questions and enhance your competence in problem-solving. All questions come with fully worked solutions.

Why online lessons?

Our students love our online lessons and they find it just as effective as our physical lessons but with much greater convenience as they save on travelling time. Many of our students also enjoy the recorded lessons as it allows them to watch at their own time and pace.

Our consult slots also allow students to have an avenue to easily and rapidly seek for help on any outstanding queries instead of having to compile and wait for their once a week physical lessons.

This shift allows us to see our students 2-3 times a week to continuously support their learning in Chemistry instead of just once a week physical Chemistry lessons.

For students who need that physical interaction or greater support, we also offer physical consults for them to clarify anything they need.

This 3-pronged approach will cater to different students with diverse learning needs.

Can I do a make up if I miss my slot?

We offer multiple time slots for the same level within the same week. The lessons are repeated and exactly the same. No stress when you cannot make it for your usual slot, there is always a make-up class available for you.
Video-recorded lessons are also available for viewing for students who miss the entire week of lessons.

Any help for topics I missed?

We always have new students coming in who may need help for previously-taught chapters.

You can choose from either of the following:

1. You may sign up for our Accelerated Learning Modules (ALM) at a discounted rate. These lessons are conducted on a 1-1 or 1-2 small group basis for maximum effectiveness.
2. We will run crash courses every school holiday to readdress all the major chapters that were previously taught. You may want to attend the crash courses during the March, June and September school holidays to catch up on previously-taught chapters.

I love the lessons here and want to bring my friends along! How can I do so?

Just let our friendly admins know that you have a friend who would like to join our classes! Every new friend that you refer to MLC will entitle you to a $50 referral fee!

What is the fee structure like?

Our fees are a very reasonable $320 / $400 per month for upper Secondary and JC lessons respectively.

There is also a one-time registration and termly material cost for all the extra learning materials to ensure our students are fully supported by a well-rounded Chemistry programme.

I can’t afford the fees as I am on FAS, what can I do?

Students with genuine financial concerns may apply for financial aid. We do not turn away any students simply because of financial concerns. Please feel free to let us know, we will be happy to help!
(Proper documentations required.)