Science is a subject that many students may have difficulty in, due to its seemingly complicated concepts and large amount of information. Often, due to the student’s inability to do well in the subject, they will end up disliking and losing interest in the subject. Hence, many students and parents may seek chemistry tuition to help students. Therefore, it is important for parents and students to find a good science tuition that will be effective in helping the student get back on track, otherwise it would be a waste of time and money.

Here are some of the characteristics that good science tutors should have:

  1. Passion for the subject and for teaching

Tutors should be able to pass on their passion and love for the subject to students, and be able to spark students’ interest for the subject through their lessons. Passionate teachers will also go the extra mile to ensure that students are on the right track and do not have any doubts. Teachers should also have faith in their students and reassure them of their abilities.

2. Being patient

As clueless as a student may be, teachers should remain patient and calm and explain concepts to students until they have fully understood it. Tutors should have the patience to deal with different learning styles and abilities.

3. Being aware of the needs and capabilities of each student

Through the student’s homework, good teachers should be able to understand their needs and then make effort to help them accordingly. They should be able to identify students who need extra help and provide more resources and guidance for them.

One way to find out whether a particular tuition centre is good is to look at reviews or testimonials from previous students. Many tuition centres also have trial lessons which students can try out and decide whether to attend their tuition classes. You can check out the testimonials from past MLC students here!

MLC Education Studio

The MLC team consists of a group of highly trained ex-MOE and full-time teachers who are very passionate about sharing their love of Chemistry with their students and often go the extra mile to bring Chemistry to life in their classrooms. We have proprietary materials that are proven to provide exceptional support for any students struggling with this subject. For weaker students, we also provide free consultations as well as specially curated resources such as notes and cheat sheets to help them. That is why more than 92% of our students improve by 3 grades or more.

If you are a student studying ‘A’  or ‘O’ Level Chemistry and would like to make learning Chemistry so much simpler, do visit our website at to see why so many students choose us as their Chemistry specialist of choice! Do also come on down for our FREE Evaluative Consultation to pinpoint your exact difficulties in Chemistry and try out our classes to see the difference!

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