Just In Time Intensive Revision Programme (JITIR Programme)

The 14-week Just In Time Intensive Revision Programme (JITIR Programme) is an optional add-on to MLC’s regular O-Level Chemistry Coaching Programme.

It is not intended to replace or substitute the regular programme.

What is the JITIR Programme?

As its namesake, the JITIR Programme is a speciality programme conducted only once a year by the MLC Team of Chemistry Specialists, and is specifically structured to provide much needed help to struggling ‘O’ Level students at this most important juncture, just in time to give them the extra boost for this milestone examination.

The JITIR Programme is the essence of the MLC Methodology, conceptualised by our team of teachers to distil the core concepts required by ‘O’ Level students in a carefully structured 14-week programme to focus on Exam Smart Strategies and highly targeted exam practices.
These are the most critical and essential techniques that your child will need to tackle the ‘O’ Level exams confidently and competently.

What is the difference between the JITIR Programme & the regular Weekly Chemistry Class?

The JITIR Programme is an optional add-on to the regular Chemistry Class to give them the extra boost. It is not meant to substitute or replace the MLC weekly Chemistry Class.

Even though the JITIR Programme was originally intended for non-MLC students who joined late to get sufficient help in time for their examination, many MLC students also requested to join the programme when they saw how it value-added to their peers every year through the deepening of their understanding and focus on application techniques. Despite the waiting list, we assure all MLC students that they will still be given first priority in registering for this programme.

Through the highly targeted exam practices and deliberate application techniques, students will be able to build up a reservoir of experiences and crucial exam skills, ready to be deployed during the national examinations. (Just like an athlete training hard daily, honing their body to create a perfectly balanced engine, raring to go for the Olympics)

What’s more, they know this is the final lap to the ‘O’ Level exams and it will be a huge mistake to take any chances, having studied for 4 years for this very moment.

Hence, they want to give their best by intensifying their learning to 2x a week.

Day and timing for secondary school is as attached (starting 1st June)

Tuesday 7:30pm to 9:30pm – Sec 4 Pure

Thursday 5-7pm – Sec 4 Combined

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