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Is your child struggling to pass Chemistry?

I understand their difficulties as I once struggled to understand this very abstract subject as well.
Through sheer hard work, I forged a new way of looking at these Chemistry concepts through a different perspective. I teach my students my unique secret shortcuts, which allows them to easily understand the concepts, and gain a deeper appreciation for these fundamentals, which translates to better academic results.

The Principal

Founder and Principal Tutor at MLC Education

Former Head of Chemistry in a JC

PGDE, B.Sc (First Class Honours in Chemistry)

Curriculum Leader in charge of the review and creation of material s for the revised H2 Chemistry syllabus

Subject Supervisor for ‘A’ Level Practical Examination

Mentor teacher to other teachers

Teaching Assistant at NUS



of MLC students
achieved A/B


of MLC students value-added by at least 3 grades


MLC students and counting achieved success with our programme

We deliver results.
No marketing fluff.
Our students come from diverse backgrounds from both ends of the spectrum. With our MLC Methodology, they are able to excel regardless.

Hear why our students always prefer MLC for their Chemistry Education!

Hint: Top notch resources, crystal clear teaching, immediate understanding of their misconceptions


MLC’s Exclusive Resources

Our Materials

1) Chemistry Bibles
2) Revision Packages
3) Private Portal
4) Chemistry Bitez
5) Foolscap Pad
6) Data Booklet





MLC’s Exclusive Chemistry Bibles

We provide a comprehensive set of resources such as carefully curated notes and tutorials, Revision Guidebooks which summarises key concepts and increases learning efficiency of our students by 200%

Getting Started With MLC Education is Easy

MLC’s Chemistry Bitez

We break down entire topics into core concepts in bite-sized one minute explainer videos for this TikTok generation of students

Getting Started With MLC Education is Easy

MLC’s Revision Packages

700+ pages of carefully curated examination questions and answers from 20+ colleges to provide our students with the required scope and depth of application concepts

Getting Started With MLC Education is Easy

MLC’s Exclusive Private Portal

Students have FREE access to entire private archive of Chemistry lesson videos that help them recap crucial chapters on demand
(lifesaver for exams)

…. AND many more!








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