MLC Methodology

Mr Lau has spent the last 12 years perfecting and honing his teaching of ‘A’ Level Chemistry, creating the ‘Targeted Efficacy Approach’ (TEA) that has helped hundreds of his students to achieve quality grades for their ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels.

Module 1:


Visible Thinking makes extensive use of learning routines that are thinking rich. This is employed together with crystal clear delivery of content to ensure that your child builds a solid understanding in the core principles of Chemistry Thinking. This allows your child to have an in-depth appreciation of Chemistry principles, creating opportunities to draw cross-linkages across various topics, which is one of the crucial differences between mediocre students and higher ability students. The thinking rich routines create platforms for discussion; for students to question assumptions instead of blindly memorising; to understand the why and how, and extend that understanding to novel situations.

Module 2:


A firm foundation in the key principles of Chemistry Thinking would then allow your child to employ our proprietary methods and potent shortcuts, ensuring that they are able to score the maximum amount of marks as efficiently as possible.

These systems have been proven to level up ANY student to a Higher Functioning Field as long as they follow the step-by-step formulas. These are secret techniques not taught in schools, giving them the much-needed edge over their peers. These shortcuts are also tailored to commonly-tested concepts in the ‘A’ Level examinations, allowing your child to uncover some of the most closely-guarded secrets of Examiners.

Some of the exclusive techniques your child will master include:

 IE Approach TM  Electron Counting Approach TM
 SBE Technique TM  6,7,8 Rule TM
 Whole Synthesis Approach to Organic Chemistry TM  Mechanistic Understanding Approach TM

The peer-based learning community also allows students to reactivate, strengthen and consolidate fading memories which encourages retention and active learning.

Module 3:


Students are prepared for application to higher-order thinking questions through systematic guidance on question analysis and navigation of their thought processes to align with pre-existing knowledge. The previous 2 Modules provide the framework that allows any student to ascend to this pinnacle of learning. Success in this area creates a feedback loop to self-efficacy, leading to self-actualisation of success.