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Founder of MLC Education

Mr Lau (also known as Lauda by his students) was not exceptionally bright as a student in his JC years. He teaches his students with unique style of Chemistry and secret shortcuts, which allows them to easily understand the concepts, and gain a deeper appreciation for these fundamentals to get better academic results.


Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) majoring in Chemistry from National University of Singapore (NUS) Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at National Institute of Education (NIE) with JC Specialisation


Founder and Principal Tutor at MLC Education
Former Head of Chemistry in a JC
Head of Chemistry at 2 Centers
Curriculum Leader in charge of the review and creation of materials for the revised H2 Chemistry syllabus
Subject Supervisor for A’ Level Practical Examination
Mentor teacher to other teachers
Teaching Assistant at NUS
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1. Ministry of Education (MOE) Teaching Award Holder

2. MOE Outstanding Contribution Award 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018

3. Prestigious Innergy Award Nominee

4. Deans List in NUS

With over 12 years of teaching experience, Mr Lau is widely sought after for his direct and no-nonsense way of teaching Chemistry that distills often complex concepts into bite sized bits that is easy to understand. Mr Lau has also painstakingly compiled all his shortcuts and secret hacks created over the years into the MLC Method and published in the sold-out MLC Revision Guidebook.

The greatest difficulty faced by students is transitioning from ‘O’ Level syllabus to ‘A’ Level syllabus due to the steep learning curve and incremental increase in content required. Mr Lau has an acute understanding of students’ difficulties and misconceptions. This led to him creating a system of shortcuts to allow his students to bridge this chasm and understand Chemistry from a fresh perspective. Mr Lau believes that learning Chemistry need not be difficult and often engages his students with vivid analogies that drive home the concepts immediately, helping them make sense of this very abstract subject.

His teaching methods incorporate his 3 core beliefs to achieve success :

Self-belief of his students that they are able to achieve success.


Clear, concise teaching to deliver core concepts and address common misconceptions.


Proven systems that equip every student with the ability to do well with consistent effort.

He is also a firm believer of peer teaching as this allows students to reactivate, strengthen and consolidate fading memories which encourages retention and active learning. By building on these core beliefs, his students consistently rank the top in their cohort and achieve success in Chemistry with ease. His novel teaching methodologies and intuitive pedagogy also led to him being nominated by students to receive the “Most Innovative Teacher Award”.
Mr Lek

Mr Lek

‘O’ Level Chemistry Specialist

Mr Lek is an experienced teacher who is effective and skilful in his lesson delivery, having honed his craft with 10 years of educating students in O levels Combined and Pure Chemistry. His strengths are the ability to turn complex topics into manageable concepts and impart students the skills in analysing O level questions and structuring answers accordingly.

He also strengthens students’ metacognition and builds their confidence in the subject through scaffolding with progressive questioning and organisation of their learning. For his great works as a dynamic and caring teacher, Mr Lek received the MOE Outstanding Contribution Solo Award and his school’s own Outstanding Teacher Award that was only given to the top 10 teachers nominated by students and parents and selected by a teacher panel.

Excellent Academic Achievements

As an alumnus of Raffles Institution and of Victoria Junior College, Mr Lek knows what it takes to strive for academic excellence. With his outstanding academic records, he received the prestigious Public Service Commission Local Merit Scholarship to pursue his interest in Chemistry in National University of Singapore. He showed a high level of capacity in the subject and topped his cohort to be named in the Dean’s List. Mr Lek graduated with a Second Upper Class Honours degree and after which the Post Graduate Diploma in Education from NIE.

MOE Subject Head of Chemistry

Mr Lek was a Subject Head of Chemistry who was in charge of his school’s teaching and learning of Chemistry. He led the Chemistry teachers in Professional Learning Teams where he improved their lesson delivery and students’ learning through the sharing of pedagogies and reviewing of lesson materials and resources for the subject.

As a nurturing and competent educator, Mr Lek was the choice mentor to guide and train beginning teachers in their classroom management and lesson delivery and was responsible for the professional development of fellow teachers.

See Kah Siong

Mr Chen Ze Xuan

‘O’ Level Chemistry Specialist

Mr Chen is a patient and dedicated tutor who specialises in secondary school chemistry. He has accumulated over 4 years of teaching experience and is well-versed in pin-pointing specific areas of weaknesses in his students.


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with Honours NUS


Mr Chen often goes the extra mile for his students, ensuring that his students are primed for success. This led to many of his students seeing immense growth in their learning of Chemistry, improving from the bottom end of their cohort to scoring As in O’ Levels.

His passion and energetic zeal for Chemistry allows him to impart crucial knowledge to his students in a dynamic and engaging manner, while ensuring that they are given ample time and space to practice critical thinking instead of waiting for model answers.

Ms Toh

Ms Toh Jia Min

‘A’ Level Chemistry Specialist

Ms Toh has a deep passion for Chemistry and aims to share this love for the sciences with her students. Her passion can also be seen through her good grades during her university days, eventually nabbing her the Chemistry Alumni Fund Study Award.


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with Honours NUS


She is a passionate teacher who truly cares about the welfare of her students. She understands what it felt like to struggle with the Chemistry subject as she used to be from a combined science background in her secondary school and is adept in the various tricks she learnt to excel in this subject. With her strong teaching capabilities, she was head-hunted by various tuition centres and was the co-Head of Chemistry at her previous centre become joining the MLC Education Studio family.

She sees teaching not simply as delivery of content to students but something beyond; she deeply believes that every student has the potential to do well and that it is her job to help them uncover what they can truly achieve.