Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools and tuition centres have switched to online classes on Zoom or Google Meet because of social distancing measures. Hence, online lectures and classes have become quite common for us today. Both online and physical classes have their own pros and cons, hence in the future if we were given the chance to choose between the two, which one should we choose?

Online classes
1. Convenience
Online classes or lectures can be attended anywhere, be it in the comfort of your own home or even on the go. This saves a lot more time and brings so much more convenience to our lives

2. Content is easily accessible
This means that notes or lectures will always be uploaded online, allowing you to access these resources anytime and anywhere, this again brings convenience into our daily lives by allowing us to study whenever we want to.

3. No geographical restrictions
Even lectures, classes or webinars from countries far away can be accessible online.

1. Limited ability for teachers to help students
Students are restricted as they may have fewer opportunities to ask questions and clarify their doubts, hence the classes may be less effective.

2. Requires more independence and discipline
As teachers are not present to monitor students’ progress, students may not pay attention to the lesson or even skip classes. This problem may be further exacerbated if students do not turn on their webcans so that teachers can observe students, hence again, online classes may not be as effective for students.

Physical classes
1. Easier access to teachers
Since students are physically present with the teachers, it will be a lot easier for students to clarify any doubts and allow them to have a clearer understanding of the concept. Teachers can also easily observe students and pinpoint any mistakes as well as monitor their progress. Hence physical classes will be very helpful.
2. Following a timetable
This will be exceptionally helpful for students with lower self-discipline as the timetable would prevent them from skipping any classes since they must be physically in the classroom.
1. Lesser flexibility and convenience
Due to fixed timetables, students,, especially those working simultaneously, may find physical classes more inconvenient as they are unable to attend classes anytime or anywhere, unlike online classes.
Ultimately, your choice should depend on which one would help and benefit you the most.

MLC Education Studio
MLC Education Studio provides both online and physical classes so that students can decide which would be more beneficial for them.
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